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Sheila Grainger's Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss taught onsite and on the road.


Free Self-Hypnosis taught to all. NLP is in everyday use.
Hypno-counseling! Anodyne Imagery!
Life Coaching and Tapping is a way of life with our Little Deer Isle Team.

STOP Smoking, Weight Loss and much, much more...

...Learning, Sales Improvement, Stress Reduction, Sports Skills, Motivation, Improve Public Speaking, Self Confidence, Overcoming Fears, Memory Improvement, Pain Control, Concentration, Overcoming Stage Fright, Banish Tension, Self-esteem, Better Study Habits, Exam Preparation, Overcoming Exam Anxiety, Asseritiveness, Eliminate Guilt, Financial Success, Internet Addiction Disorder, Overcome Shyness, Habit Removal, Nail Biting, Gain Self Confidence, Freedom From Worry, Conquer Procrastination, Speed Reading, Self-Psycho Analysis, Salesmanship, Fear of Flying, Fear of Dentists, Self Control, Insomnia, Relaxation, Good Health, Enhancing Creativity, Exercise, Eliminate Anger, Develop Enthusiasm, Overcome Depression, Relive Pain, Child Birth Pain Control, Premature Ejaculation, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Frigidity, Phobias, Compulsions, Time Line, Allergies, Bed Wetting, Stuttering, Past Life Regression, Time Management, PTSD, Mesothelioma Survival Rate...

Time is gladly spent each day answering questions about what we do and how we do it! Do YOU have questions?????? Feel Free to contact us...

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...not something anyone else can say! We can do this due to the education and experance of out seacoast staff.

Bunny & Phil Brady
Advanced Hypnosis Center, PA

Fax number: 207/348-2833
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106 Eggemoggin Road
Little Deer Isle, Maine 04650


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Phil and Bunny Brady
Advanced Hypnosis Center, PA

Fax: 207/348-2833
106 Eggemggin Road
Little Deer Isle, Maine 04650




Our team has always been world leaders in the education and certification of students for this vital field! Our students are found around the world. We have a BS, BA, PhD and a DD on staff to meet your needs. Thirty plus years in hospital experience! Philip Brady, Jr., PhD, Member: Premier Speakers Bureau, National Center for Crisis Management

To be the best and teach the rest.

Thirty years and counting of with patient experience...

Company history:
In 1995 we opened our first full time office in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The following year we opened our second office in Newport, New Hampshire. Followed almost at once by our first Maine office in Sanford, then Ellsworth and Deer Isle. Our School was opened in the fall of 1996: All New England Center for Holistic Study.

Customer testimonials:
"I stopped smoking on my third visit!"
"I lost all the weight I wanted too without exercise...I will send all my friends."
"The sight of blood has no effect on me now!"

New Virtual Gastric Band mail order class and PayPal. $570.00 complete.

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